Brooklyn Village development in Uptown could take years longer than expected

County officials said phase one of the project must be completed by 2028 but developers don't have to start phase two until 2032.

The first phase of the long-awaited Brooklyn Village development in Uptown is required to be completed by 2028, but phases two and three could take much longer than originally planned, according to Mecklenburg County officials. 

On Tuesday’s Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners meeting, officials gave updates about the massive development that will reshape Uptown’s Second Ward in Uptown.

The Brooklyn Village development was approved in 2018, with the plan to bring more than 1,000 apartments, a hotel, office space, and retail to 17 acres of county-owned land.

A nearly six-acre plot of land on Brooklyn Village Avenue will comprise phase one – providing half of the apartments in the project, plus the hotel and commercial space. The builder’s website says phase one started in 2022.

About 10% of the apartment units will be reserved for affordable housing, meaning the rental prices will be lowered based on a tenant’s income.

“All those things underground that we don’t see had to be put in place and now they’re at a point where most of those things are in place,” George Dunlap, chair of the board, told WCNC Charlotte. 

The builder’s website also says the entire plan, including phases two and three, will take 10 years, but things could take longer than that.  

“We had an election, elections have consequences,” Dunlap said, adding that the project was delayed when commissioners previously attempted to renegotiate the developer’s contract. “Those new commissioners pushed the timeline out about two years.”

According to county officials, phase two isn’t required to start until 2032. 

Plus, the hotel is now smaller than originally planned at 150 rooms instead of 280 rooms. Officials also said in Tuesday’s meeting that planned office and retail space may change based on market demand.  

Phases two and three of the Brooklyn Village project will replace Marshall Park. Developers plan to build a new park in its place, but the size of it is unclear. 

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