Help us launch Charlotte Documenters!

Charlotte Documenters will train and pay residents to document local government meetings with notes and live-tweet threads. We will then make those meeting summaries available as a new public record.

Zine: Charlotte Documenters

The Charlotte Journalism Collaborative is working to bring the Documenters Program to the Charlotte community.

Zine: What is the City Council?

Based on QCity Metro’s story “What to know about City Council” for the Charlotte Journalism Collaborative

Zine: Safe Summer Fun

Based on WCNC’s story “Charlotte businesses seeking solutions to youth violence by providing safe summer options”

Zine: On the Rise

Based on Qnotes’ story “On the rise: what can we do about violence against LGBTQ+ youth?”

Our Impact

City Bureau’s Documenters program is transforming how people enact civic power and fostering greater accountability on multiple fronts as Documenters are connected at once to their own communities, the levers of government, and one another.

Driving Policy Reform

Documenters across the program have directly shaped policy on public meetings across the country. 

Transforming Individuals

Over 80% of Documenters surveyed say that they’ve gained a greater understanding of how government works and feel more equipped to share information they’ve learned with others.

Fostering More Participatory Media

Documenters is playing a key role in building a more transparent, accessible and participatory democracy. 

Charlotte City Council

What to know about City Council

The Charlotte City Council is the local branch of government responsible for public safety, affordable housing, transportation, and more.

Zine: Stemming Youth Violence

Based on Carolina Public Press’ story “NC communities have multiple strategies to stem youth violence.”

More about Documenters


Join the movement for local media reimagined.

Join the movement for local media reimagined.

The City Bureau team has found that running a baseline Documenters program requires annual funding of at least $200,000 to pay start-up fees, Documenters, and the core staff required to manage each site. We also know that with deeper investment, so much more impact is possible — more Documenters, more coverage, and more special assignments.

When partners pay this fee to City Bureau, they get access to:

  • Award-winning custom civic technology to administer Documenters, tailored for their locale.
  • Resources to support program implementation and administration, training materials, communications tools and templates, and much more
  • Extensive fundraising support materials including sample language, pitch decks, and casemaking resources
  • Support services from a dedicated Documenters team at City Bureau to help your program succeed through one-on-one consultation and technical assistance
  • Access to a shared learning community that reflects regularly on new ideas, best practices, experiments and their outcomes, and successes with local and network-wide impact
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