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Chris Rudisill

To strengthen local journalism and encourage greater connection between reporters and Charlotte residents, the Solutions Journalism Network launched the Charlotte Journalism Collaborative in 2019 with funding from the Knight Foundation.

At a time when local news and information is threatened by political division and economic challenges, the CJC is built on the idea that we can do more together, than we can alone.

About the Local Media Project: an initiative of Solutions Journalism Network that launched the Charlotte Journalism Network. 

With more than 20 reporters and seven local newsrooms, our work is about seeking solutions for the well-being of Charlotte’s residents, making access to trusted information a reality for all in our community, and strengthening those vital connections that can make positive change and drive informed development for the city’s future
Core Values


We utilize our collective power to research and voice solutions to city crises and explore creative ways of reaching audiences with an eye towards impact.


We remain hyper focused on the problems facing Charlotte residents, presenting news that resonates with and reflects diverse communities.

Direct Service

We intentionally create opportunities for communities to engage and share information that helps residents navigate complex situations.

The Charlotte Journalism Collaborative is dedicated to provide a platform and structured community journalism partnership that supports the future of Charlotte in its work, serves as a trusted source of information and news, and addresses the problems that are the most important to our city’s residents.

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How 6 newsrooms in Charlotte are trying to create a local news ecosystem



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The Charlotte Journalism Collaborative was launched in 2019 to strengthen local journalism and encourage greater connection between reporters and Charlotte residents. Have story ideas? Feedback? We want to hear from you.

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